What is a Baptist?

The name Baptist represents a series of beliefs, not a denomination. While this acrostic is not exhaustive of all Baptist distinctives, it should give an idea of what makes us Baptist.

┬áBiblical Authority – The Bible is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice

Autonomy of the Local Church┬á– Each church is to be self governed and free from outside interference

Priesthood of the Believer┬á– Every believer has equal access to the Father

Two Ordinances┬á– Baptism (by immersion) and Communion

Individual Soul Liberty┬á– We believe that every person has the right to believe and worship as they see fit

Saved and Baptized Church Membership┬á– These two characteristics have always made up the members of any New Testament church

Two Offices – Pastor (elder,bishop referring to same office) and deacon

Separation of Church and State┬á– We believe the government should not interfere with the church and in a distinction between the two entities