Don’t Throw Rocks

We were on our Annual Lower Illinois River Float Trip and it was Saturday morning. I had been trying to catch my first smallmouth bass and was having no luck. Before we headed home that day, Levi and I were fishing a pool of water hoping a smallmouth was feeling the hunger pangs of missed… Read More ›

Summertime Hail

On Friday night we expected a thunderstorm, what we got was a hail storm. When I think about the summer in Oklahoma, the word coming to mind is hot, not hail. With the fairly constant heat we get, ice falling from the sky lands in the “unexpected” category for me. Hail is destructive. The hail… Read More ›

Cut it Down!

As I left my house headed to the church this morning, I was greeted by the unwelcome sight you see above. A large section of the crown of the biggest tree in our yard was laying on the ground, resting on my Avalon. The problem is that while I was surprised to see all that… Read More ›